26.08.06 Photos of Ruslana's performance on Independence Day in Kyiv  

22.08.06 “Being patriotic means being in fashion!”
Ruslana had an original way of appealing the public before Independence Day. It is known that according to the old Carpathian traditions, people found out about joyful or sad events due to trembita players, who managed to make alive the voices of the trembita. In such a way, from the far away mountains, they called everyone to come together. In the new century right before the celebration of Independence Day, Ruslana decided to restore that nice tradition. Having raised high above L’viv and Kyiv, she really played the trembita in such a way to call all Ukrainians and the whole world to celebrate Independence Day.
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22.08.06 “Your energy independence”
In her approach towards the fans, Ruslana asked them to be independent, in the wide meaning of the word. The ideology of Ruslana’s new project “Wild energy” calls for independence from drugs and artificial stimulators.

22.08.06 Ruslana's plans for the near future
In the near future, Ruslana plans to perform during the “Worldvision” event in South Africa and to be actively involved in the celebration of Lviv’s 750th anniversary at the end of September. In the frame of the celebration, Ruslana will participate in a concert on Lviv’s main square where an outstanding show by Gert Hof, who is currently one of the best light show producers, will take place. Already two billion people all over the world have seen his shows.  

15.08.06 Kharkiv students want to help Ruslana
Two months have passed since Ruslana visited Kharkiv Academy of Arts and now her office is flooded with the artwork of the students. That is due to the joint project of Ruslana and the academy. All final papers of the students have been dedicated to Ruslana’s new project “Wild Energy”, based on the fantasy novel by Maryna and Serhiy Dyachenko.

13.08.06 Vote for Ruslana
Vote for Ruslana's new single Wild Energy here. Thank you for your support!  

07.08.06 Wild Energy single - available now
The Wild Energy single is finally available now. At the end of the week you can find it in the shops all over Ukraine. If you need to recharge, get your energy package (book + single - two in one) in the supermarkets Sil'po all over Ukraine. 

06.08.06 Play and win!
From Monday, 7th of August there is a daily drawing on Music Radio from 12:00 to 13:00 o'clock. The price to win is the book "Wild Energy. Lana" and Ruslana's new single "Wild Energy". Ring 8 044 2055453 and win! 

04.08.06 Ruslana in "Gutten Morgen" program at M1 channel

02.08.06 Ruslana in Turkey - Large photo gallery
Enjoy watching more Ruslana photos from Turkey. 

31.07.06 Ruslana in Turkey
View photo gallery of Ruslana in Turkey. 

28.07.06 Ruslana set the Turkish amphitheater on fire
Yesterday night Ruslana had a concert at the Turkish amphitheater Aspendos, situated not far from Antalya.

26.07.06 Ruslana's press conference in Turkey
It is the first time Ruslana is visiting Turkey as a member of the parliament of Ukraine. Her visit to the country includes political events as well as a tight concert program.

24.07.06 Ruslana helps to preserve ethnic music
July, 25 a press conference devoted to the issue of the Creation of an Archive Net for the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine will take place, where Ruslana is among others to initiate solving the problem of folklore material preservation. The singer will share her experience in working with ethnic music and will dwell on its importance for modern culture. 

21.07.06 Ruslana’s political and social site
If you are interested in Ruslana’s political and social activities, you are welcome to visit the recently opened website Gradually the site will be filled not only with news, but also with various analytical, informational and inquiry materials. The site also has a forum for you to participate in discussions of the latest political and social events of the country. Read the digest of the latest news from the site. (in Ukrainian) 17.07.06 Ruslana plays with Barbie
Within the frames of a charity project by Child Rescue, an international charitable organization Ruslana was offered to recall her childhood and to play with dolls… Famous Ukrainian politicians, artists, designers, sportsmen, movie and theater actors were asked to present a Barbie doll with an exclusive dress. “Barbie from Ruslana” is wearing the usual wild style costume of the singer. All the dolls are to be exhibited 17-23 July 2006 and finally sold at an auction. The funds gathered from the event will become an input into solutions for the homeless children problem in Ukraine.
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Foto 2 

11.07.06 "Wild Energy" explosion at Slovianskyj Bazar Festival
"Wild Energy" will explode at this year's annual song festival Slovianskyj Bazar, which Ruslana is traditionally invited for to perform there as a special guest. This time the singer will impress the audience with her brand-new single, costumes with wings, accompanied by the movie-video being shown on the screens. For the closing of the event, Ruslana is preparing a piece of nostalgia – a lyrical song Oj Letily Dyki Gusy – that brought her a glorious victory on the festival in 1996.  

06.07.06 Ruslana's commitment for animals
Ruslana is well-known for her extraordinary commitment for humanitarian projects. Her life saving charity projects, particularly for children, are legendary. But the singer does not limit her social commitment to humans, she also recognizes animals as fellow-beings who should be treated humanely. "Animals feel pain like we do and should be prevented from cruelty and suffering as much as possible", says Ruslana.

05.07.06 Ruslana is producing Wild Energy
The recently produced single Wild Energy is only a first spark before the upcoming real energy explosion. These days the singer went to USA to finish working on her new album. And once again she has one of the worlds’ best recording studios at her disposal – H³t-Factory Stud³î (Miami, Florida), that gave birth to the albums of great stars like Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Madonna, David Bowie, Beyonce, Tarkan, Britney Spears and others. Ruslana’s album is expected to be a fantasy-phenomenon of no precedent, combining quality music with the plot of "Wild Energy. Lana", the novel by Maryna and Sergij Diachenko. 

01.07.06 Germany World Cup Tour
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30.06.06 Ruslana supports Ukrainian team in Germany
Today Ruslana flew spontaneously to Hamburg to join the Ukrainian football fans during the historical game of our country in the quarter final of the World Cup. This time the singer is not going to perform or communicate with mass media – she will be in the stadium as a supporter along with others. Regardless of the result of the game our fellows are heroes - they fill our hearts with pride for Ukraine once again! 

25.06.06 Ruslana in Nuremberg
It was another gruelling hot summer day when Ruslana had her last two gigs of her Germany World Cup tour.

24.06.06 Ruslana in Leipzig
Today's concert in Leipzig took place not in front of blue and yellow, but mainly black-red-golden audience. Before Germany's final of the last 16 Ruslana made the hot summer day even hotter for the German football fans.

24.06.06 Watch it!
On June 25, the premiere of Ruslana’s brand new movie-video "Wild Energy" will be shown in the TV programs "Ministerstvo premier" (M1 channel) and "Melorama" (Inter channel). 

23.06.06 Ukraine in the final of the last sixteen
Just before the football match Ukraine - Tunesia Ruslana gave a concert at the amphitheatre Waldbuhne in Berlin, this time supported by three drummers. For the club version of "Wild Passion" Ruslana took the drum herself. Parts of the soundcheck and performance were broadcast live by German 1st TV channel ARD. Right afterwards Ruslana had to rush to the VIP area of the stadium to support together with Vitali Klitschko the Ukrainian national team. Ruslana's wild energy was successful again - Ukraine won 1-0 and is now amongst the last 16.

23.06.06 Ruslana is awarded the “most often discussed person in mass media”
Yesterday the popular Ukrainian music portal "Terytorija A" celebrated its first anniversary and awarded famous artists and showmen in various nominations. Ruslana in particular was recognized as “most often discussed person in mass media”. Since the singer herself was touring in Germany in frame of the World Cup at that time, her diploma was presented to her husband and producer Oleksandr Ksenofontov, who was named, in his turn, a real “PR-machine”. Oleksandr admitted that he is not a regular visitor of the "Terytorija A" website, but he realizes the importance of its input to the Ukrainian show business. 

22.06.06 Ruslana in Cologne
Continuing her Germany tour Ruslana performed in Cologne. Before the show she gave interviews to German print media and Belgium TV. Belgium TV programme Viva Football about woman and football is presented by Miss Belgium and will be broadcast 23 June on TV4. Afterwards she met with fans, some of whom had travelled all the way from Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium to see her. Ruslana's concert was opened with her brand new song Wild Energy in stunning winged costumes. Again her show could be viewed on giant screens above the stage. Right after her performance Ruslana headed to Berlin.

22.06.06 To Ukraine and back
Yesterday Ruslana had to leave Germany, where she's currently having the tour, and spent half a day in Ukraine. The singer had very important political meetings, which resulted in signing some documents. Although, such an extreme life style is a usual thing for Ruslana. Today morning she got on the plane again and her planned concert in Cologne took place this evening according to the schedule.  

20.06.06 Ruslana's Germany tour continues...
...heading from Hamburg to Cologne.

19.06.06 Ruslana in an ocean of blue and yellow in Hamburg
Ruslana started her Germany World Cup Tour with two performances in Hamburg, before and after the football game Ukraine - Saudi-Arabia. Clothed in yellow and blue football shirts and waving a Ukrainian flag Ruslana showed where her heart is.

19.06.06 Ruslana will perform in Northern Venice
Ruslana is already "setting a fire" in Germany! Yesterday she spent communicating with Mass Media, in particular gave an interview on the Berlin TV tower. The singer, who went to the Championship to support and to inspire the footballers with her wild energy, expects only high results of the game for the Ukrainian team. "Go, Ukraine!" - exclaims Ruslana, dressed in a yellow-blue T-shirt.

Today she has a concert in Hamburg or Northern Venice, as the local people often call it. This is the second popular city in Germany among tourists. The details are coming soon.

18.06.06 Ready for World Cup Tour in Germany

16.06.06 Ruslana appeared in her new sensational image
June, 15 the premiere of Ruslana's new single and movie-video and the press conference, took place in Arena Entertainment night club. About 200 guests, among them journalists, mass media directors, the singer's friends and fans were the first to watch the experimental music video based on the fiction novel by Maryna and Sergiy Diachenko, "Wild Energy. Lana".

13.06.06 Plug in for the wild energy!
Announcement-invitation to the presentation of Ruslana's new single and movie-video Wild Energy. 

12.06.06 Ruslana presents the new video and leaves for Germany right after
June 15, Ruslana presents her new single and video Wild Energy. These are the first single and video from Ruslana's new project, based on the fiction novel by Maryna and Sergij Diachenko Wild Energy. Lana.

08.06.06 Ruslana Appeals to Protect the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine
June, 8 Ruslana opened a seminar, called Creation of Archive Net for the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine. Along with the other public and cultural figures she expressed her ideas on the national heritage protection.

06.06.06 Ruslana's position towards the language issue
The present language situation in our country turned in a way that it threatens all Ukrainian, the Ukrainian language and the Ukrainian culture as the whole. Out of their economic interests certain political forces organize provocations against the integrity of the Ukrainian people and state. An attempt to protect the other languages (in particular Russian) in Ukraine is nothing else, but an ideological war in which we must create our own ideology.

05.06.06 Ruslana in Baku
June, 4 Ruslana returned from Baku. Her concerts there were a tremendous success. Baku audience was greatly impressed by the energy and drive of the Ukrainian singer and her "Wild Dances" program. After the concerts Ruslana gave a press conference and was interviewed on Azerbaijan's First National channel. Besides she met the First Lady of the country Mehriban Alieva and the Ambassador of Ukraine in Azerbaijan Stepan Volovets'kij.
After the official part of her visit Ruslana traditionally devoted some time for acquaintance with the creative potential of the country. The drum band Mr.Natiq, named after its leader, drew her attention whose rhythms are well-known in their native country. Ruslana is very much interested in involving them into her new project. 

02.06.06 Ruslana sings for Children
June, 1 on International Children's Day Ruslana performed at Odessa Palats Sportu concert hall within the frames of a charity project of Lilija Pidkopaeva Zdorovija Pokolin' (Generations' Health). She sang two songs - U Rytmi Sertsia (with a local children's band) and Drum&Dance. It was a long-awaited visit of the singer for her fans, as she hadn't been in Odessa with concert for more than 2,5 years. Ruslana traditionally met fans and answered all their questions, mostly concerning the book and Wild Energy project in general. Watch TV version of the concert on June, 3 on Saturday at 15:15.

01.06.06 Ruslana performs two concerts in Baku
On 2nd June Ruslana will be off to Baku for two concerts and a number of important meetings.