Ruslana welcomes students of Kyiv Shevchenko National University to the start of the academic year. During the ceremony of solemn initiation of freshmen the singer held a speech along with the dean, teaching staff and some famous graduates of the university. At the end of the speech Ruslana sang the ceremonial anthem Mnogaya Lita (Many Years), presented an ancient icon to the university, communicated with the students and signed numerous autographs
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Independence Day of Ukraine celebrated with a big concert of Ruslana, Al Di Meola and Pikkardiyska Tercia in Líviv
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Major concert with Ruslana, Al Di Meola and Pikkardiyska Tertsia in Líviv on August, 25
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Within the frames of a club show on September, 2 Ruslana will give a concert on Amburan Beach in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. 

Currently Ruslana is fully involved in her music activities. She does not leave the studio, where she is working on the Ukrainian version of the new album.  

Ruslana performed at 17th International Huzul Festival
The 17th International Huzul Festival took place in the town Yaremche in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, 27 to 29 July. Artistic groups from the huzul regions of Prykarpattya, Zakarpattya and Chernivtsi and folk-groups from Poland, Romania, Lithuania and USA took part. In competitions the best huzul costume, the best traditional huzul transport and the best huzul dish were voted on.

On the last day of the festival Ruslana, Ani Lorak and the folk-groups VV and Haydamaky performed at the central stadium. Members of the International Ruslana Fan Club who took part in the traditional annual expedition to the Carpathian Mountains were lucky to experience their favorite singer live in Yaremche.

July, 29 Ruslana will perform on the 17 International Huzul Festival which traditionally will take place in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region) from 27 to 29 of July. 

First international culture event for the Euro 2012 in Líviv
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Ruslana in protective gear of security staff
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Looking Forward to Euro 2012
July, 22 Ruslana performs in Líviv  
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July, 16 Ruslana met the ambassador of Belgium in Ukraine, Mark Vinck. The issue to discuss was the prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union on an economic level. Mr. Vinck invited Ruslana to the annual meeting Belgium Night to take place this autumn. In the end of the meeting Ruslana signed autographs and took pictures with the Belgian and the Ukrainian embassy staff. 

Ruslana at European Youth Congress in Leipzig, Germany
June, 29 Ruslana visited Leipzig (Germany) and participated in the European Youth Congress. This year the event was held under the motto Responsibility and Freedom of the United Europe. Ruslana presented her Wild Energy project to the participants of the Congress. The singer displayed a few music videos including Wild Energy and performed her famous Wild Dances song as a symbol of the European community.
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Ruslanaís animal welfare project successfully finished
Four Kharkiv university teachers had signed agreements to stop killing animals.
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Yesteday Ruslana met the Ambassador of Slovenia to Ukraine Primoz Seligo in the National Philarmonia of Ukraine. The reception took place on the occasion of Sloveniaís National Day. During the reception Ruslana also met with Taylor William, the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Reinhard Schaefers, the German Ambassador to Ukraine and Oleg Rybarchuik, the former Chief of Staff for the President of Ukraine.  

Fans of Euro 2012 in Poland lifted Ruslana up in the air
June, 20 a press conference of Edynka Polish radio took place in Warsaw
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June, 15 Ruslana attended the press-conference of famous singer and composer Elton John that took place in Arena City Center, Kyiv. Today Elton John performs a solo program on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Especially for the Kyiv concert three of the musicianís personal grand pianos were brought from Germany. Fans from different European countries are coming to Kyiv to enjoy Sir Eltonís performance. 

Ruslana resigns as Member of Parliament of Ukraine 
Today in the presence of STB TV channel (Vikna news) Ruslana confirmed her resignation as Member of Parliament. After having signed her resignation at the personnel department of the Parliament (Verhovna Rada), Ruslana gave a comment to the press:

ęUnfortunately the work of the current Verhovna Rada proved to be ineffective and the working atmosphere negative. I think the time is right to put an end to this Parliament. I still hope for real changes and for a new political generation to come with the mentality to work and not being corrupt.

Ruslana meets Hillary Clinton
The singer had numerous political meetings in Washington
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